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Masjid is calling for help for Operations and Maintenance expenses. Are you ready to help ? Please Donate below
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Millard Islamic Center
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5135 Marshall Dr, Omaha, Nebraska 68137
We are located in the Nothwest corner of the Millard Ave and Q street. The Masjid (Mosque) building is the 2nd to the last from the corner, behind the Coin Laundry. Its gray in color and the logo is on the southside in the middle.
For more information call the Administrator Abdul Qahar Hikmat at 402-515-7019 or email at abdulhikmat@millardislamic
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  Masjid Location
Islamic Center of Omaha
  3511 N. 73rd St.
  Omaha, NE 68134
  - Masjid under construction
    Five time prayer are held
    in the house basement opp
    of this masjid.
  -Jumuah prayers not held here
  ICO's Website
Millard Islamic Center
  5135 Marshall Dr.
  Omaha, NE 68137
  - 1st Khutbah at 01:30 p.m.
  - 2nd Khutbah at 02:10 p.m.
  - Halaqah Saturday
    after Maghrib
  MIC's Website
Masjid Imam ash-Shafi'i
  1122 Northwest Radial Hwyy
  Omaha, NE 68132
  - Khutbah begins at 1:10 p.m.
  - Halaqah held after
    Maghrib every
   Saturday (in Somali)
   and Sunday (in English)

Creighton University
  Muslim Prayer Hall
  Lower level of Kiewit Hall
  - Accommodates 20 people
  - For faculty, students, and
Welcome to Millard Islamic Center
      "ALLAH - there is no God but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining. Slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that will intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them; and they encompass nothing of His knowledge except what He pleases.His knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth; and the care of them burdens Him not; and He is the High, the Great." (2:256)
Welcome to
  Millard Islamic Center

It is our honor and high privilege to welcome you to the Masjid Web site.

It through the Gracious Mercy of Allah (Subha-na-Taala) that we are able to provide the few humble services for the community. Pray that Allah (Subha-na-Taala) guides us ALL in his Mercy and forgives us our transgressions.

Community Events

Millard Islamic Center - Sunday School

Millard Islamic center is organising Sunday school from 10:30 a.m. to noon starting from 15th August 2010. it is a great way to increase your children understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. Children are our future. If they know islam fundamentals, learn Quran and sunnah that will benefit the family as well as community.
Request you all to sent their children to attend this school to get the real understanding of fundamentals of islam.
To find out more details regarding this: Contact MIC's administrator Br. AbdulQahar Hikmat at abdulhikmat@millardislamiccenter.org.

  Masjid Appeal


(Less than the price of a gourmet coffee or a gallon of gas)

Brothers, More than this amount we spent daily in many known and unknown things. If we just reduce a minor amount in our expense list and spent for the house of Allah, the hasanat will continously accumulate for every person praying in this masjid.

Currently the building is on a rent to own. The monthly rent is $1680.00.
$1,680  Monthly Rent to own payment
$1,450  Approximate Rent payment
   $230  Approximate portion of payment that goes towards the balance of ownership.
            About 28 community members contribute to pay for this monthly

$235,000 Amount paid in September 2007 to purchase the building.

$202,000 Current loan balance.
$194,000 Owed to the Landlord
   $8,000 Owed to various Muslims who graciously loaned money for the purchase.

Number of Muslims needed to contribute $3 per day: 200
Average Jumah Weekly Attendance: 400


PRIORITY: But we donít own this building. Every month nearly $1,500 of our communityís
money is being paid as rent. We can save that. Please help us. We are not asking for more
than this humble commitment from you for the next year.

Board of Directors, Millard Islamic Center, Inc.
Midwest Islamic Foundation, Inc. is now Millard Islamic Center, Inc. AbdulQahar Hikmat                          
402 515 7019                                       

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